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Posted: 2005-11-09 / Author: Jason DeVelvis

The Truth About Adsense Placement - Getting More Clicks

If you are depending on Google AdSense for revenue for your website, you need to learn the truth about AdSense placement to ensure that you are getting a high number of clicks on the ads. When it comes to Google AdSense, not getting clicks means your website is not earning revenue! However, by learning the truth about AdSense placements, you will soon see a higher number of clicks on your Google AdSense reports.

The truth about AdSense placement is that there is a trick to it. You want to do several things to make sure those ads get clicked on - especially if you are depending on that income! Start by determining where to place the code on your pages. There is no one spot that is right for all websites and all webpages. It just doesn't work that way. Each website and each page is unique, and the goal of the page is unique - therefore, the placement of the ads must also be unique.

If possible, you should use "tricks" to get your ads clicked on. The more the ads look like actual content on your page, the more they will get clicked on. For instance, if you have a directory of listings on your site, you would want to make the font and colors the same, so that the Google ads actually looked like part of the directory listing. A good way to integrate the ads into content is again to use the same fonts and same colors, and to place the ads in the middle of the pages content.

The more you can integrate the ads into your pages in a way that looks like it is part of the content, as opposed to ads on the pages, the more clicks you will receive. You definitely need to match your ad fonts and font colors to your pages fonts and font colors. Retain the same look and feel of your website wherever possible. If you are making the ads part of the content or part of a directory listing, choose not to use a border around the ads. This customization can all be done through the Google AdSense control panel when you login to your Google account.

If you can't make the ads appear as part of the actual content, you have to determine where your visitors attention is focused on your pages, and place the ads in that general area - where they can be seen. Again, you want to match the look and feel of your website, but in this instance, you should probably use a border around the ads.

The truth about AdSense placement is that you should place the ads where they will be the most visible to your visitors. You want the ad blocks to look like they belong on your pages, but at the same time, you want them to draw attention as well, so that your visitors will click on them. Furthermore, if you can include the ads as part of the content itself, you will find that you are getting a higher number of clicks - almost overnight!

You've probably heard that putting your AdSense ads in certain spots on a page increases clicks. This is not necessarily true. Although some places generally are "hotter" than others, the ads need to be located where they will get the most clicks. Depending on the content on your pages, the layout of your pages, and your visitor's attention, this will vary from website to website, and from web page to web page.

This brings us to another fact that you need to know. Placing the ads in a particular spot on one page is no indication that the ads should be placed in the same place on a different page on your website. Again, think about how you can integrate the ads into your content, and where your visitor's attention will be focused. This will vary from page to page in many cases.

Just remember that there are many factors to consider when determining the truth about AdSense placement for your pages. What works well for one website may not work for another. What works well for one website page may not work well for all pages on that website. Experts are great for a lot of things, but when it comes to placement of AdSense ads on your website, you have to be your own expert!

Jason is a successful Internet Marketer, and posts regularly on Take a minute right now to sign up for his newsletter at for more great information like you read in this article!

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