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Posted: 2006-04-02 / Author: Lynella Grant

Internet Local Search: Rely On Internet Local Search To Bolster Your Yellow Page Directory Category

Internet Local Search: The Internet can promote your services in unlimited relevant areas that buyers are looking for

Even when they both have a website, a service business (like window blinds) has to use the Internet differently than an online business does. For example, a chiropractor needs to provide different information a trucking firm, to supply what customers search for. While they both can benefit from Local Search exposure, what information they need to provide about themselves varies greatly.

Break down the limitations imposed by category thinking

We've been trained by the Yellow Page directory to look for a business within its primary category section. But Local Search allows a person to find what they want under many more descriptive terms. They can search for a sub-category, rather than a generic listing like "contractor". They're able to find a narrowly-defined specific service or product - if a business has said that they offer it.

To be listed in the Directory, a business pays for each category where it appears. But a website has no such limitations. It can show numerous specific offerings - like Dog Training, Dog Nutrition, Dog Books, Dog Toys, etc. And it can promote each area to different buyers.

So your business benefits from showing up in Local Search results as many ways as possible. Go out of your way identify such specific, narrow topics. You might find yourself without any competition in such search results.

Studies show that people who search with specific terms are more motivated, and likely to buy "Minolta camera" instead of "camera". They're ready to take the next step.

Categories that draw the most attention

Not all businesses rely to the same extent on their Yellow Page listing to attract customers. And I'm sure that will turn out to be true with Local Search as well. The following list shows which directory categories draw the most visitors. But if your business isn't listed among the top, you've got even more reason to begin marketing yourself online.

Internet exposure can provide a powerful marketing boost for almost any type of local business. Whether you have a website or not, you need to assure that accurate information about your business gets picked up by every major search engine, and Internet Yellow Pages. I've found the most reliable way to do that is through Register Local, For a small annual fee they keep your business information updated and accurate on every online database that matters. And you don't need a website, if you don't have one.

Top Yellow Page Headings (in this order)

1. Restaurants
2. Physicians & Surgeons
3. Automobile Parts - new & used
4. Automobile Repairing & Services
5. Pizza
6. Automobile dealers - new & used
7. Attorneys/Lawyers
8. Beauty Salons
9. Hospitals
10. Dentists
11. Insurance
12. Department Stores
13. Plumbing Contractors
14. Banks
15. Veterinarians
16. Theaters
17. Florists - retail
18. Airline Companies
19. Hotels
20. Hardware - retail
21. Lumber - retail
22. Tire Dealers
23. Real Estate
24. Automobile Renting & Leasing
25. Pharmacies or Drugstores
26. Churches
27. Furniture - retail & non-specific
28. Grocers - retail
29. Rental Service - Stores & Yards
30.Carpet & Rug Cleaners
31. Appliances - HH - Major Dealers
32. Glass - auto, plate, window
33. Electric Contractors
34. Schools - academic, secondary, elementary
35. Contractors - General
36. Government Offices
37. Travel Agencies
38. Taxicabs
39. Sporting Goods - retail
40. Roofing Contractors
41. Dry Cleaners
42. Book Dealers - retail
43. Optometrists O.D.
44. Heating Contractors
45. Pet Grooming
46. Computers - dealer
47. Motels
48. Automobile Wrecking
49. Building Materials
50. Government Offices - city, village, township

Source: Yellow Pages Integrated Media Association (YPIMA)

Expand your visibility, and credibility with upwardly mobile buyers

Your business is faced with two urgent tasks, if you want to come to the attention of Internet searchers. 1.) Get listed with the resources they go to, so you'll be found among the results they get. 2.) Make sure your business information is consistent and accurate across the board. That's where Register Local can save you a boatload of time and headaches. Don't put this off because the Internet can bring you a steady flow of local buyers.

About the Author:

Dr. Lynella Grant Expert in communicating through Yellow Page ads and Local Search. Stand out online and offline. Capture more Internet-savvy buyers for your brick and mortar business. Free resources

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