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Posted: 2005-01-16 / Author: Ken Hill

10 Profitable Ways To Elevate Your Subscriptions

1. Swap sponsor, feature, classified or solo ads.

Use your unique selling proposition to create ad copy for these swaps and also in all your promotions for your ezine.

2. Swap "thank you" page ads.
Promote other ezines on the page your new subs are taken to after filling out your subscription box or form in exchange for those publishers doing the same for you.

3. Provide a bonus for subscribing to your ezine.
Increase the value people place on your bonus by posting testimonials for it, telling people how much it would be worth if you were to charge for it, or by telling them how many people have already received it.

4. Submit your ezine to ezine directories.
Get your ezine listed in as many of these directories as you can. This will increase your subscriptions and also has the added benefit of helping you to find more new advertisers and also other ezine publishers who would like to swap ads with you.

5. Submit your ezine to ezine announcement lists.
Many ezine announcement lists will allow you to submit an announcement for your ezine on a weekly or monthly basis at no cost, giving you good ongoing promotion of your publication.

6. Publish testimonials for your ezine on your site.
Ask for feedback in every issue to get more feedback from your subscribers that you can use as testimonials for your publication. Include your readers' first and last names with their testimonials along with links to their web sites.

7. Publish an archive of your past issues on your site.
Your archives will help you to get more new subscribers by giving them a taste of what your ezine has to offer.

8. Provide a sample issue.
Your sample issue like your archives will help you to get more of your visitors to subscribe to your ezine by giving them a first hand look at your ezine's content.

9. Promote your ezine in your signature file.
Use your signature file in your emails and also in your posts to discussion lists and online forums that you've joined.

10. Write articles.
Use your resource box to promote your ezine and submit your articles to article directories, article announcement lists and also to ezine publishers that want new articles to run in their ezines.

Ken Hill.

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