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Posted: 2005-01-12 / Author: Jinger Jarrett

7 Traffic Generating Sites You Never Heard Of But You Should

Fr*ee Traffic Generators are H*OT!

There are tons of fr*ee traffic generators you can use to build traffic to your site. Some are better than others, but before you go signing up for 50 accounts, let me give you a couple of tips, as well as seven sites I think do the job better in getting you the traffic and sales you want.

My joint venture partner, Steven Boaze,, gave me this one:
BUILD YOUR LIST. Everything traffic generation method you use should be geared toward building your list. It's far easier, and a lot more profitable, to market to a list of receptive customers than it is strangers.

Give before you get. If you want to get people to your site, don't shove a sales pitch down their throats. Offer them a valuable fre*ebie to say thank you for visiting your site.

Although there are plenty of fr*eebies out there, I think it's best to make your o*wn, whether it's an ecourse, ebook, or report. Just give your visitor something useful and capture that email.

Below is my list of the best ones I use. (They are in no particular order). - This site off*ers a newsletter, as well as an ecourse to teach you how to make the most of fr*ee traffic generators. Work smarter, and not harder on your traffic generating efforts, and you'll see more traffic and sales. This site will help you do that. - Want a great start page rotator, as well as a selection of the best safelists and traffic generating pages, look no further. They offer a terrific, and inexpensive upgrade, which will tell you the results they get with each program they test. - If you want a site that allows you to do more than one thing and do it well, go here. You can submit your articles for publication, surf for traffic, and build your list. There's also a terrific newsletter. Off*ers an upgrade. - Who knows? Maybe this is a gimmick on the part of the site owner, but all you have to post is post your subject and ad, and, according to the site, your ad will be sent out in 24 hours to millions of people. Test your ad. Worth a look, and it's fr*ee.
v - This site calls itself the "Ultimate Online Business Mega Portal". It off*ers quite a few nice tools including email, traffic exchange, banner exchange, web site maker, mailing lists, and a messenger. Off*ers an upgrade, but the fr*ee version is a pretty good place to start. - This guy is a genius. Although the idea of using screensavers to promote your web site isn't new, this one comes with a kick. Si*gn up now, and you'll get 5,000 credits to start you off, and you can earn 200 - 300 bonus credits at a time. I racked up about 11,000 credits the first day in about 30 minutes. (I have 11,000 because he's actually giving away 9,000). - Ever heard of Gary Danko? You should. This guy made $1,000,000 by the time he was 23. Although that was a little while ago, Gary has never looked back.

He has be*en online since 1996 and understands how to really drive traffic to your site. You can pick up 100 credits just for joining. Hey, if you want to make a million, why not learn from a millionaire? Unlike a lot of other traffic exchanges this one really shows you how to multiply your efforts>
v Fr*ee traffic generators are popular now, and a lot of these sites are ranked in the top 100,000 on Alexa. If you want maximum traffic and sales to your site though, you'll choose traffic generators that work.
v Test your efforts, and you'll see results.
There many other methods of mark*eting online that are effective. These are only a few.
Some others I would recommend you try are forums, lists, blogs, etc.
In the Killer Mark*eting Arsenal, we cover them all. We show you, step by step, how to use each method.
Then we show you where to market so that you get more traffic and sales to your site.
We keep the price low because we understand how expensive it is to do business.
No more boring ebooks that don't quite tell you what you need to know.
No more overpriced ebooks that don't live u*p to their name.
In the Killer Mark*eting Arsenal, we bring you the most effective, and least expensive way to market your business.
Let us save you time and money. Let us help you make A LOT of money.

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