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Posted: 2005-04-20 / Author: Susan Harrow

8 Ways To Be A Great Tv Talk Show Guest

Here are 8 things that Fire Captain Bob did to be a fantastic guest on Barbara Walters' ABC show, *The View:*

1. Talk in Soundbites.
When he met the producer of *The View* at a family vacation he peaked her interest by speaking on his subject-keeping the passion in your relationship, by talking in 10-30 second bursts of words filled with clear, dramatic and funny information.

2. Tell a Moving Story.
Captain Bob told his *signature* story and made the producer cry, proving he could be touching as well as concise and funny. She knew then that he could evoke a wide range of emotions from her audience. Something that's greatly valued in a guest.

3. Plan Your Points.
Captain Bob came to the show prepared to illustrate his expertise-from the male point of view. He gave the producer a list of his 5 points he planned to cover. They popped up on the TV screen as he talked reinforcing his stories.

4. Bring Props.
To make his five point system for maintaining hot and heart- felt relationships come alive Captain Bob brought his fire fighter's helmet and a timer. He held up his timer when he told his audience, *You have to give men a time limit when you want to talk about an important relationship issue. Fifteen minute maximum. We need to know there will be an end to the discussion!* He let the producer know ahead of time how he planned to use the props. Then he held or pointed to the items at the appropriate moment to cue cameramen for a close-up.

5. Know Your Audience's Hot Buttons.
The View's audience is stay at home moms and housewives. These women are involved in relationships that could probably use an infusion of passion-or understanding. Both of which he offered by telling them such things as, *Start a love bank. Both of you make deposits into it that you know the other will value.* Captain Bob did something else well. He used a personal example. He told the audience that on his 34th wedding anniversary he had candlelight and roses waiting on the dresser for his wife Harriet when she came out of the shower. She smelled smoke and thought the house was burning down. (Surely something Captain Bob could have handled!). He was just trying to make an annual deposit, as all good guys should.

6. Go with the Flow.
The show originally was just going to include Captain Bob and host Meredith Viera. The last week before our show, they changed the content four times. The morning of the show, they changed some of the content again and added an additional host. Five minutes before the program in the green room he and the producer were watching the show live. Joy Behar, one of the other hosts mentioned something about shopping and the producer turned to Captain Bob and asked, *Can you go with that?*" The answer, which he spoke without hesitation, should always be one three letter word: *Yes.*

7. Engage and Interact.
Remember you're there to have a conversation not to spew out your points like an automaton. Captain Bob bantered with the two hosts like he was a guest in their living room. The segment producer e-mailed him this message after the show, *You were an awesome guest! We can't wait to get you back.* (Great going!)

8. Walk Your Talk.
Ever gracious and conscious of good manners, Captain Bob sent a thank you note with a gift. What a delight.

Learn how to get on top talk shows and how to make your appearance have an amazing impact on sales for your business, product, service, or cause with *Secrets to Get Top TV Talk Show Producers to Book You as Their Guest*
Copyright (c) 2002-2004 Susan Harrow, All Rights Reserved.

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