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We can assist you with the registration of your company for VAT purposes. The process will require you to fill out a questionnaire, after which we will send you the filled out registration for signature and forwarding to SARS in the pre-addressed env...

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Have you noticed that as a high growth company people thought you were so successful you didn'’t need help? In fact as you look around it’s almost impossible to find anyone with a real understanding of the issues you face. As the owner of yo...

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Posted: 2005-04-18 / Author:

Making The Most Of Networking - Successful Networking For Women In Business

Business networking is a great way to build your own business community – one that is relevant to you and your business. When done effectively it will link you with individuals and organisations with whom you can build relationships that will benefit you and others in your network.

Purpose of the Course
Many women (and often men too!) are reluctant to enter a room full of strangers and initiate conversation. But the good news is that networking is a business skill that can be learned and practiced. We will share with you practical tools and tips to enable you to network with confidence and success.

Key Points
1. Networking is not about just selling your business to anyone who will listen
2. Networking is about being genuine and building business relationships based on trust
3. Networking is just as much about effective listening as talking
4. Networking is a great way of learning about opportunities, about what others are doing and how they can benefit you
5. Women are high on sensitivity and empathy – so they make great networkers!

Five Questions this course will answer
How do you choose networks that are right for you?
How do you build your own networks?
What are the many different ways that you can network?
How can you access resources that will enable you to network with other women? How can you ‘work the room’ to maximise the effectiveness of each networking experience

Five common problems this class can help you to overcome
1. All participants talk at each other with the result that no-one listens
2. People fail to channel their networking activity into areas that are of greatest benefit
3. Businesses think that once they are established they no longer need to network 4. Some women business owners are too modest and fail to ‘blow their own trumpet’
5. People lack the confidence to strike up new business relationships from cold

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